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Finding Affordable Apartments in North San Antonio

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After years of dedication and hard work, I finally landed my dream job in Texas. I am so excited and can’t wait for this next chapter in my life to begin. Moving from Maine to Texas is going to be an adventure in itself. The first thing I have to do is look for apartments in North San Antonio, TX. Looking online is going to the most logical place to start my search. I never imagined there would be so many results for apartments in that area. I’m going to have to tweak my search criteria to narrow the list down just a bit.

Once I refined my search to only include apartments with at least two bedrooms, a swimming pool, on-site laundry facilities and a fitness center my list was much smaller. Next, I read reviews by current and former tenants of each apartment. Continue reading

How to Create Your Own Elibrary For Students, and Educators

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traditional libraries are strange places, students occupy much space, and purchase books shelves of filler that often today’s internet-savvy rarely home. Most people today have a large collection of MP3 on their computers, a fact of the music industry may not like it, but was adapted to selling MP3 versions of music sold on CD

if a student can create a collection of MP3, after the wide range of electronic books available on internet then we can freely create our own elibraries.

then, how can create an elibrary?

1. find an old computer or notebook, empty of all programs except Microsoft Office and an eBook Reader.

2. Start providing the web free download cheap ebooks, add to your library.

3. Join a library online and borrow a temporary section of the library of ebooks.

4. If a textbook is available in eBook format, the order above the traditional printed version. Download, it could be a useful addition to your library.

5. encourage students to download and add e-books to the library.

6. allow students to create their own electronic books with its own written or visual work. A student or a class ebook, could make a very useful addition to the library.

7. Add a Powerpoint section to the library, allowing students access to previous lessons and presentations.

8. Please contact with organizations such as the Government, the United Nations, embassies and other regional organizations for ebooks and powerpoints for your library.

imagine that you can be a valuable source of information in the classroom, a source that could be bigger than most of the public libraries of today – at a fraction of the cost.

(this article is part of education 21st century authors series)


3 Essential Oils Infused Bath Bombs to Relaxed Your Pet

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The purpose I adore animals so significantly is that they give off an frame of mind of happiness, innocence and unconditional adore to their people today.  Our pets are just as pleased getting a aspect of our household as we are of having them with us.

But at times an animal arrives into our daily life that is a bit “out there!”

For instance, the puppy that has an irrational worry of rain and is not going to for the daily life of him go outside to potty in the course of a rain shower.  Or the cat who hides for hrs when a friend arrives over.  Or, how about the puppy with attachment difficulties that destroys the residence though you’re at do the job?  Any of these audio familiar?

My cat’s, Sammie and Max, adore to dangle out on our screened-in patio.  But anytime the rubbish truck arrives rolling in, they flee for their life!

It could possibly audio nuts to us, but what ever your animal’s fears or wacky behaviors may possibly be, they are entirely legit in their minds.

Using necessary oils on your animals can actually just take the edge off of their anxiety, major time!

For the reason that of an animal’s heightened senses, they respond really well to necessary oils.  In the wild, animals consume certain crops to mend on their own.  In captivity (our houses), the plant kingdom is not commonly out there.  Using necessary oils on your pet offers them entry to the wide therapeutic houses of nature.

The a few very best necessary oils to tranquil your pets are:


Roman Chamomile

Peace & Calming® (a blend from Young Dwelling)

These necessary oils can be made use of to guidance your animal with worry of rain and thunderstorms, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, trauma/abuse, despair, Sickness, outings to the vet’s workplace, grief/loss of a further household pet and any other circumstance that triggers excellent stress for your animal, this kind of as rubbish vans!

When you utilize necessary oils to animals, constantly remember a lot less is additional as animals are really delicate to necessary oils.

Also, with animals, it is very best to dilute necessary oils with a provider oil this kind of as organic and natural olive oil.  I suggest just one aspect necessary oil to 1 aspect provider oil for all animals Besides cats. The dilution ratio for cats is 1 aspect necessary oil to ten pieces provider oil.

Use warning with cats!

Any of the necessary oils listed in this report are secure for dogs and horses, nonetheless cats are a different tale! Cats are exceptionally delicate to necessary oils that contains phenols, this kind of as oregano and thyme. Cats can not proficiently metabolize phenols because they deficiency an enzyme in their liver to digest the phenols. Avoid Peace & Calming® necessary oil blend on your cat, as it does incorporate phenols. Lavender and Roman Chamomile necessary oils ARE secure for cats.

How to utilize necessary oils on dogs, horses and cats:

For calming dogs:

Blend 1 fall Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Peace & Calming® necessary oil with 1 fall provider oil.  Rub this combination on your dogs pads, ears or comb through their fur.  Use any time you perception your puppy is stressed.

For calming horses:

Blend 1 fall Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Peace & Calming® necessary oil with 1 fall provider oil. Rub this combination on your horse’s muzzle, ears or cornet bands. Use any time your horse is stressed.

For calming cats:

Blend 1 fall Lavender or Roman Chamomile necessary oil with ten drops provider oil. Rub this combination on your cat’s pads, ears or comb through their fur. Use any time your cat is stressed.

By the way, the necessary oils in this report are also fantastic for easing your anxieties, much too!  Dilution is not required on human beings.  Just utilize a fall or two on your wrists, shoulders or driving your ears.

And the upcoming time you’re opening up a lavender bath bomb wrapped in a plastic bath bomb mold, share some with your animal good friends!  They’re going to thank you!

Why Students Prefer The Internet Over Books

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If you are driving a bus or a train, with a coffee after dinner in your cafeteria favorite or simply enjoying a light jokes with his family in the room to be, comes a deluge of information via the internet. It is a product of the ingenuity of man that absolutely defies time, space and gravity. Computer, any sizes and shapes come, definitely it knows no bounds as the power has and to us and our daily lives cannot be it expressed in numbers and beyond description.

today in day, has become the favorite tools of the students in their research activities and make most favored books and libraries. Internet and the library are considered great repository of knowledge where a vast source of information, records and documents are stored. Both serve similar purpose – which is to provide expertise. However due to innovations in technology, the team has come to replace the internet and libraries with books at an unprecedented rate. Thus, digital information technology has dramatically altered the methods that teachers and students have access to information.

why students prefer the internet about books? What’s in what young people are hooked to it as drug addicts in dire need of some shots? What has brought the dramatic decrease in the number of users of the library? Can we see the future with libraries be phases out completely? Since the mid 1990s, the downward trend in the users of the library has been well documented. A study by a ten-year period revealed that library transactions have fallen by 21 percent while circulation fell to 35 percent along with the decline in the publication of printed media.

seen one reason why internet is favored over books is due to the uniformity of the information. As libraries do not offer the same information systems, the internet does. Certain topic on the history of a country determined for example will vary from one country to another and depends on the author of the book. An American author writing for example for your own country’s history will provide information more objective and broad and comprehensive in providing data in comparison with Asian writing about American culture.

can be accessed from the universality of the information provided by the internet by individuals from all over the world ensuring that the same information is that they feed on students with internet access of the hemispheres of the North to the southern part of the world as no local or regional versions of information. More to say, the information is generic for all although internet is translated into several languages.

Laptops & desktops and mobile internet-ready made internet accessible anywhere in the world. If one is eating or ride a bus, it can be accessed information in comparison with go to the libraries where elements such as time and energy will be considered. Computers in fact provide a multi-tasking that libraries do not offer. In addition, internet provides information within seconds after the navigation links, that books do not.


Charging or Issues Systems in Special Libraries in Sierra Leone

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special libraries are collections that exist to serve the needs of its customers. Libraries are varied as your needs. However, the libraries have common elements in the service offering, focused collections and its staff that are able to adapt to the changing needs of its customers base. The phrase “Special libraries” is a misnomer, because all libraries are special and have similarities in their functions. This statement does not dispute the fact that some libraries have special concerns – whether its clientele, its collections or its purpose. A standard definition of a special library would be there to serve the limited needs of a specific entity – a business, industry, agency, non-professional organizations or non-profit group. They are also subject oriented units of a public library or academic (Malaga and Harrison, 1990).

the collection of special libraries is smaller and tend to focus more on comparison with public and academic libraries. Special libraries have the tools and the people required to make information available to the customer because it is not enough to gather and obtain information from the House. It should be accessible to users. A special ultimately library is particularized services information that relates, interprets and uses materials by hand for constant use and benefit from the organization serves (Chirgwin and Oldfield, 1982).

the special library primary requirement is that it must provide current information that allows researchers and other entrepreneurs to carry out its functions effectively. Therefore, it provides not only a collection of materials for which referred to the demand, but also a network of services that make information available to a variety of external sources.

previously, the provision of books and other materials for research purposes was considered of paramount importance. With the dramatic increase in the number of students after the war in Sierra Leone, they became more generally accepted that a University Library should aim to meet the needs of its major categories of readers; i.e., the research worker and academic staff.

definition of load or system problems

according to Berkett and Ritiche (1977), the recording of the loan of materials is called load or emission. The load method chosen by a particular library depends on much of the clientele of the library, the size of the population and the need to restrict the number of elements that can have a library member borrowed, and whether the library has peak for the loan and return materials. The choice of methods will be also affected by the amount and type of information requires the staff of the Library topic to present.

the purpose of a circulation system is access to the users of the library as much as possible to the population. Unfortunately, a book lent to a reader is not available for others and certain restrictions should be made. For example, an encyclopedia is a compendium of knowledge on a vast number of topics and is designed for easy reference rather than for reading. Allowing a book on loan would be inconvenient that a large number of users of the library without the borrower benefit.

each library use a system for the registration of books and other items to its readers. There have been many modern developments to record tracks in the last thirty years, mainly due to the high cost of staff, greater use and in search of better overall efficiency. There is a system for multiple use with the requirements of all kinds of library, although the last computer charging system can cope with many aspects quickly.

a good system must allow the library staff discover that the reader has borrowed that you book. You must show when books are due back and expired. Some systems can control the number of books published, and particularly the number that each reader has borrowed. The best systems will allow that the book is renewed without returning the book in person and should allow readers of books that are not immediately available.

load or system problems in libraries

the circulation department is the area where most of the customers are accustomed because it is here that library materials are loaned out and after use, and sometimes referred to as the Department main house or take. They are kept records of customers here after completing a form is necessary to provide personal information, i.e. name, address, sex, condition and guarantor. Some departments have different cards for different categories of users to complete. Circulation Department however perform the following functions:
• registration of new users and keep records of library users;

• maintenance of records of borrowed materials and returns them;

• note when rendered by back materials in the library;

• maintenance of statistics of the Department;

• send overdue notices to customers who can not return your books (Nwogu, 1991) due date.

types of loading or editing systems used in libraries

as he has been said, one of the main services offered by libraries is the loan of books and other materials. Obviously, libraries must maintain some type of record of lending operations and many methods have been designed to regulate this task. These methods are known as methods of load or transmitter. The load method chosen by a particular library depends on much of the clientele of the library, the size of the stock and the need to restrict the number of elements that can have a library member borrowed and whether the library has peak for the loan and return material. These are some examples of loading methods used in different types of libraries.

the system of Browne: for many, many years, the most commonly used method of load is the system of Browne. With this system, you fill in a membership application form and Reader gives you a number of entries with your name and address. Reader presents books to loan at the counter of the issue, along with the ticket of a reader for each book. The date is stamped seal in each book with the date of return; book card is removed from each book and inserted into the reader (a book per ticket card) inputs. The charge is therefore a book card inserted in a Bill. When the book is returned, the wizard will search inside to know date, or Pocket sticker, accession number/author/class number as well as the expiration date. Case is then removed from the Edition, book card replaced in pocket book and ticket returned to the reader.

the system of Islington: in this system, each reader is given a ticket of plastic that highlights your name and address. The stationery within the books of the library is the same as the system of Browne. However, the difference lies in the fact that the reader must print a sheet of address (with a note of relief) for each book that you want to borrow. Therefore the ‘load’ a book card is more a slip of paper inside a ticket blank address.

book of ticket or stub loading: in this method, each book has a pocket of permanently fixed book inside the cover in which the book details are given. Inside this pocket book is a Pocket, inside which is a book with details of the book card. The reader only need to insert one slide for your ticket in plain pocket and present the book for printing the date. The wizard removes the ‘burden’ and subsequently surrenders. Issue trays are usually kept in a separate ‘download room’ and not at the issue desk. There is a reception where the books are returned, the actual download is performed later in the ‘ room of shock when you remove the burden of the issue, the destroyed reader ticket and card pocket and book level returned to the book. An additional ‘stub’ is issued to the reader when the former is used up.

symbolic: book date tag is sealed in the usual way, and the reader must deliver a tab for each book published. Returning books, the reader receives only the appropriate number of cards to change. At the end of each year the reader must be able to produce the full range of tokens or pay a cost that have been lost. A visible index (is a list of reserved books must be checked whenever books are returned) is used for reservations.

load of punched card: when a book is checked out, the Assistant takes two cards punched, previously dated with the date due for return (perforated and stamped date), places the two punch in an automatic key cards perforated machine and punches in both letters the reader number and number to book the class number. A card is retained as a record of the lending library; the other card is inserted in the pocket of the book with her date of return clearly visible. Punch cards are returned books, classified in order of number of accession by machine and then by machine with cards duplicated as a record of the lending library. Unmatched cards represents books still out on loan and these can be refilled mechanically, this time in date to reveal backward order.

computer system of emission: computing is now available in the libraries is very advanced. The terminal in question is equipped with a boom in data that can be attached to a self – inking date. There is a card holder that fits the reader ticket. Load is achieved running horizontal data pencil through books barcode labels and barcode in the lectoricket t to be provided. Date in the book labels are stamped with the date of return and the ticket is returned to the player. Download terminal is also equipped with another pencil of data and is used to read books bar code labels when they returned. The reader ticket is not necessary at this stage as the reader name will automatically be deleted from your computer when all of the books are the records have been returned (Malaga and Harrison 1990).

load or editing system in the Faculty of medicine and library of Sciences allied health

the College of medicine and Allied Sciences of the health (COMAHS) was founded on April 12, 1988 by the Government of Sierra Leone, in cooperation with the Nigerian Government and the World Health (who) Organization. With the promulgation and entry into force of law of the University in 2005, which led to the creation of two universities in Sierra Leone, Faculty of medicine and Allied Sciences of health as an arm constituent of the University of Sierra Leone, in collaboration with the National School of nursing, which is a faculty and school of pharmacy technician also part of the Faculty of pharmaceutical sciences.

the library of the Faculty of medicine and allied health sciences began a few months after the University was established in 1988. The library was first located in the street, in Brookfields and later transferred to New England in Freetown, from where he was finally transferred to the Connaught Hospital, when the Ministry of Health gave up the building they occupy it as a library.

the library of the Faculty of medicine and Allied Health Sciences was initiated by a medical librarian by the name of Nancy M’Jamtu-Sie in 1988. The library carries out the main action in matters of medicine and Sciences of health at the University of Sierra Leone. The library relies exclusively on donations and operates from three sites: the main medical library at the Connaught Hospital, which houses the Administrative Office of the library, short loan, reference, collection of the World Health Organization audio cassettes; the facilities of CD-ROM and Internet, the multidisciplinary library in the national nursing school, houses the general collection and loan, as well as short and books of reference and library of medical science on the Campus of the town of Kossoh.

the Mission of the College of medicine and Allied Health Sciences is: “educate physicians oriented community, pharmacists, nurses, laboratory scientists and health with professional skills and managerial sounds suitably qualified personnel to comply with international and able to investigate and pursue training in specialized areas of health care delivery.”

the practices of the Faculty of medicine and Allied Health Sciences system of emission of aforementioned Browne, who is practiced in most libraries, especially special libraries found in the University of Sierra Leone. With the Browne’s load or emission system in the library of the College of medicine and allied health sciences, each book in the library has a book that is stored in a pocket inside each book. The card identifies each book by recording, usually the number of adhesion, number of classification, author and short title. Each reader has an issued ticket indicating the name and address. Ticket of this reader is the paper card, which was taken from the bag in the book, and this forms the emission registration. Each book is marked with the date of return and the theme is presented in trays under the due date for the return to date probably by the number of.

when readers return the book, date due to stamped on the date label located between the decks of the question correct date and number printed on the date of the label must find the correct position within that date. The paper card and returns it to the book, which is now ready for the shelf and the reader retrieves your tickets. Overdue books are evident since trays are in date order and reservation is made looking for care appropriate in an obvious way. Brown is operated simply and easily understandable by the library staff and readers alike.

customers or users of the Faculty of medicine and Health Sciences Library allies

a clientele in the library is a body of customers or users that makes use of a library to obtain the necessary information. The clientele of a library is very well informed group. Accordingly, the emphasis of the library is in maintaining the considerable depth of subject material or provision of information to be printed. All members of the University of Sierra Leone that you can use the Allied Sciences of health and Faculty of medicine library must register at the library and get a membership card. External readers can use the library for your inquiry, but it would not be lending facilities.

in the library of the College of medicine and allied health sciences, most of the books available to users for the loan period and varies the number of books borrowed. The action of the book covers basic medical sciences, biology, Physiology, biochemistry and all disciplines of medicine. Books are loaned to the students and staff for certain period of time.

challenges of load or editing system in the Faculty of medicine and Health Sciences Library Allied

special libraries in Sierra Leone, especially the University of medicine and Health Sciences Library allies are not without problems.

the space challenge: three sites where works of the Faculty of medicine and Allied Health Sciences Library have been observed to be very small in relation to the building. The location of these sites above all with the National School of nursing which houses the general collection as short loan and reference books; and the library of medical science on the campus of Kossoh Town, are not seen as favorable in terms of its location. They do not offer a convenient access for staff and customers. Shelves and storage not has been conveniently located.

financial situation: the financial situation of the library of the Faculty of medicine and Allied Health Sciences has been very unsatisfactory especially when management cannot meet its obligation to take care of the itinerary of the library. This has led to the library do not have up-to-date Collections. This has been in the area of wages, which has been very poor, operational costs, subscriptions, acquisition, training and professional development.

Insuficientes materials: materials in medicine and allied health sciences faculty are insufficient to meet the needs of its users. The materials are acquired mainly through donations as the library does not have sufficient funds to buy materials to meet the needs of its users.

inadequate equipment and limited Internet service: there is no appropriate equipment and sufficient to meet the numerous clienteles strong internet connectivity. In the library of the College of medicine and allied health sciences, the insufficient number of computers available does not allow the library operate equipment charge or issuance of system more advanced and easier to operate than Browne system currently used by the load library. Also provided Internet service is not enough to handle the high number of students, staff and other users.

lack of adequate training and qualified personnel: the Faculty of medicine and Allied Health Sciences Library is the abbreviation suitable trained and qualified librarians that have been rendered ineffective in the library in the area spread correctly to users. The library consists only of two skilled librarians and additional staff consists of a technician, staff, cleaners and couriers.

conclusively, the library of the Faculty of medicine and allied health sciencesd as a library in the University of Sierra Leone has been able to meet the information needs of many users with the emission system of Browne who operates on. However, the collection is not updated and the service is not great to satisfy the clientele that attends. The library of the University lacks of sufficient funds to buy materials updated. The library services have not been too successful and this is because few trained staff and poor facilities. Despite these challenges in the library of the Faculty of medicine and allied health sciences, the Browne’s charge or issuance system has shown to be therapy that has saved the question of the provision of services to its clients and the due preservation of materials.


The Importance of Cataloging

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used catalogues in libraries. These catalogs are catalogs of the library. Library catalogs are full of information about the resources that are within the library. The information contained in the catalogues is known as the bibliographic record. Now if you want to know the true essence of the catalogue, you have to understand how they are created or submitted. This is where the process of cataloging in the light.

what is classified? Do you need to make a distinction between cataloging and catalog printing? Some people conceive these two terms as one. This is not correct. For cataloging is the process by which librarians seen when doing a bibliographic record during the printing of the catalogue refers to the process of printing a catalog. When you say the cataloging is record some relevant details about a work published above all books and newspapers. The information includes the title of the article, the name of the author, published date, titles, etc.

Please note that there are certain rules that you must follow to put some information in the material library. Cataloging is a way to put in order all the materials found within a library. It is also a systematic way of finding the correct reference you are looking for.

in general terms, there are two types of classification system used in cataloguing. It is the Dewey Decimal Classification, DDC or library of Congress’s LCC classification system. Between the two, is the Dewey Decimal classification that is popularly used in public libraries system. The Dewey Decimal classification is basically a numeric system that manages all bodies of knowledge into 10 general categories. On the other hand, the library of Congress Classification makes use of the alphabetic system.

today with advanced equipment in hand, cataloguing process has become more easy. There are different applications designed in making bibliographic records. These software applications are very useful in the creation of online catalogs. In this regard, MARC has emerged. MARC stands for the unregistering of machine readable cataloguing.

in general, cataloging has become very important to keep all the materials in the library in order. In fact, the cataloging has provided regularly within the library. People who can easily find the material you are looking for in the research library. No time is consumed in obtaining the information you need. There is ease of use, whenever you search for files or information.

understand the role of cataloging at the library will give you a vivid picture of the important thing is a catalogue in the society. Not only is it important to know how catalog printing works but it also help if you have an understanding comprehensive cataloging is everything. So that the next time that you are asked what is cataloging, immediately can make a distinction between cataloging and catalog printing.


Eight Reasons Why the Chicago Public Library Card is Priceless

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of all the elements that I have in my portfolio, my Chicago public library card is the most valuable second – next to my driver’s license. Not only the small green and white card is the key to a world of possibilities; It is totally priceless. I’ll tell you why.

1 cards are free. There are no fees, charges or taxes for owners of the card. Complete an application and provide proof of identity, current address and residence of Chicago.

2 get a free education through books, newspapers, films, Museum passes, and other special advantages offered by individual libraries. There is a main library, 76 branches of neighborhood and three regional facilities in the Chicago Library System. Books also can be rendered from libraries suburban according to the policy of reciprocity. Therefore, this free education is very easy to obtain.

3 accounts can be accessed 24/7 with a valid library card online free. Records show how many scanned books when they fall due; and any other information that is relevant to individual accounts.

4 investigate from home for free. Periodicals and other reference materials used for research can be found on the website of the library 24/7. There are only a few resources that can only be found in the databases of the library; otherwise, all other inquiries can be done remotely.

5 free Internet and Wi-Fi are available in all libraries. Library cards will require internet access; WiFi can be accessed through individual computers.

6 get free entry into most of the museums in Chicago with Museum passes. The passes can be checked out for seven days. Although not permitted entry to additional attractions at museums, customers walk free of charge.

7 after searching books online, customers can request to have books sent to the library of any of their free choice. Books can be delivered to a nearby home branch or not.

8 other benefits include discussions of free author, exhibitions, and programs for people of all ages.

Although the system of libraries offers a lot of things free, them customers have to pay charges by payments late and charges accrued by elements extracted if a card of library is lost or stolen. Fines from $.20 spends a day of books and music up to $2 to the day for films and Museum. Fortunately, there are fines maximum per article. Those customers not break unless you have many elements provided.

in essence, get a card of library free; access to an education free through books, films and Museum past; and access free, WiFI and line of research are totally priceless.


Efforts Of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan For Public Library Legislation And Service- A Review

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Dr. Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan was a visionary who realized the importance of the legislation of the library for the promotion and development of the movement of the library in the India. He was a person with vision totally dedicated to the cause of library and information science. He was fully aware with respect to the role of libraries in the improvement of education in any society. He understood the impact of educational promotion for the development of the country and the effectiveness and usefulness of the libraries to promote education.

in 1924, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan visited a number of public libraries during their stay in the United Kingdom. These visits enabled him to study system, operation, financing and services of several libraries. As a result, he was convinced that law library would provide a systematic, robust and efficient public library service. Since public libraries are informal education agencies, therefore it is obligatory for a welfare State provide, maintain, and develop a network of public libraries for the needs of the masses. A public library being essential institution of a town must be maintained out of public funds, which have to be collected more fairly. Only the Government has the power and the authority to impose and collect taxes through the passage, therefore law library is essential to collect the cess of the library. Therefore it is evident that it is essential for the Government to enact laws of library for the establishment and operation of a network of public libraries to cater to the educational needs of the public in general.

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was the first person in India who ever thought about the need for legislation of library in 1925 after returning to the India of England. Drafted a “model law library ‘ and presented for discussion at the Conference of education Asia all and first which took place in Banaras 27 to December 30, 1930.» The participants of the Conference fully convinced with the advantages of legislation and opinions de el Dr. S. R. Ranganathan. This ‘model of the library law’ was published by the Madras Library Association during the year 1936. Subsequently amended the draft law twice – once in 1957 and again in 1972. This Act of library model member of the Assembly was introduced as a Bill in the Assembly of Madras in 1933, through Mr. Basher Ahmed Sayeed, an enthusiast of the public library system.

features more prominent de el Dr. S. R. Ranganathan model law library are:-

except the law of public libraries in Kerala, 1989, all acts, that have passed in the India during the years 1948 to 1990, with the influence of the law of public libraries model drafted by Dr. S. R. Ranganathan.

made S. R. Dr. Ranganathan

persistent efforts to get the library acts pass through several States of India and he dreamed of having a plot of libraries. He prepared a model number for several States. Following is a list of them:-

also prepared a project of library Union model in 1948 and writing in 1957.

India has the first act of the public library through the ceaseless efforts de el Dr. S. R. Ranganathan. For the first time the public library of law was passed by the legislature of Madras in 1948. There is an interesting story behind the success of getting Bill enacted library at the third attempt in 1946, although two previous attempts had failed. The first attempt was made by Janab Basher Ahmed Sayeed when he introduced the Bill in the Madras legislature in 1933, but it could not pass as the Madras legislature was dissolved in 1935. A second attempt was made in 1938, but later started World War II and could not be adopted the draft law. In 1946, Mr. Avinashalingam Chettiar, who was a former student de el Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, became the Minister of education in the State of Madras. One day, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan took a copy of the library model law and was to meet with Minister at home after his usual morning walk. The Minister was shocked to see his “guru” early in the morning and asked what the purpose of your visit. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan said that he came to demand their “Gurudakshina”. When the Minister promised to offer the same, Dr. S. R. Ranganathan gave a copy of the model law and expressed his desire that becomes a law during his tenure as Minister. Mr. Avinashalingam Chettiar piloted the Bill and got it in 1948.


How To Create Your Own VBA Code Library In Excel

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a time has started in Excel VBA application development is to find it worthwhile to create your own library of code. Reuse of procedures and functions has sense when a small put point-to-point is all what you need to work the code for a project current.

there are several ways to save and organize your own code, and this article will explain how you can save and import code in a VBA module when needed.

to develop the library code

sort a column using the Excel sort function can be a typical snippet that you want to save. Here’s the code:

 Sub sort() 
Dim rng as range
Set rng = Range ("a1"). RNG CurrentRegion
. Sort Key1: = Range ("a1"), Order1: = xlAscending, Header: = xlYes
end sub

the question is where the code should be kept by what easily can access it? One option is to save the code in a text file and then use VBA to read the contents of the file into a code module.

for this example, we have saved the code in a file called “sort.txt” in a folder called “library” in the current folder of the book.

first of all, define the file and the path where is stored the code.

 path = ActiveWorkbook.path & "library" 
myFile = path & "sort.txt"

are going to import the contents of the file into a module called “Library”. This is simply a module to support any code import before you decide how to use it.

first of all, to eliminate any previous use of the module “Library”. Have disabled the option of alerts of display to save time because certainly want to delete the module.

 Application.DisplayAlerts = False 
for each an of them modules
a.Name = "library" then
out of
end if next

now can create the module “library” and the content of the file of import.

 set m = Application.Modules.Add 
m.Name = "Library"
"MyFile" m.InsertFile

will depend on your situation as to how best to configure the code library. Here are some ideas:

  • has an index file that allows you to easily search for keywords
  • Add code to the library module instead of starting from scratch each time
  • that some standard procedures in a separate file that can be used without modification.


in a few lines of code, this article has shown how can be used previously written code to refer to it when necessary. It makes sense to save your previous work and VBA makes it easy to retrieve and search your own snippets of code.


Importance of Libraries

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search for the man of knowledge has led to the creation and accumulation of huge amounts of information. This quest for knowledge knows no limits and boundaries and is never satisfied. It has continued since the dawn of civilization to the modern age. This gained knowledge and information is valuable to humanity whole and therefore likely to be preserved. With the invention of the paper man has been able to pass this knowledge on to others by writing books. Thousands of manuscripts of the wise men of former times have been written, but many of them were destroyed by the lack of adequate means of conservation.

libraries are established for the systematic collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge and information. It is very important for man to preserve and maintain valuable knowledge and the information contained in the books and documents, because we want to preserve our knowledge and wisdom to future generations. Through the preservation of the documents in a library of this knowledge can be available to others so that they can benefit from it. Establishment of libraries is not a new concept. The oldest dates library around 2700 years in the Palace of Sennacherib at Nineveh, that shows how long ago the concept of letting a piece of his wisdom behind the March was formed in the collection organized to preserve the work.

with the invention of the printing press, it became easier to preserve the knowledge in the form of printed documents. This led to the generation of a large number of books. The need for the preservation and dissemination of the information led to the creation of more libraries. So libraries acquired a great importance in the civilized education and research society. Libraries play a role in the development of any society to enhance the cause of education and academic research. They adapted to the information needs of thousands of people.

the development of science and technology (S & T) in the last two centuries has led to an explosion of information. Rapid changes have taken place in a great rhythm. The library system has been improved and updated for the new challenges in order to meet the growing needs of the users. The services offered by the libraries have also experienced a big change.

with the advent of new technologies in the field of information technology and telecommunications, revolutionary changes have taken place in the field of Biblioteconomy and documentation. The form of traditional libraries that contain a large number of printed documents is in the process of being transformed into paper less libraries that contain a large number of digitized documents. The facilities offered by the networks have not stopped the libraries without touching. Modern libraries are not only scanned but network also. This has led to the creation of virtual libraries i.e. libraries without walls through which the user has access to information anytime, anywhere in the world through the use of modern tools of communication, such as computer and Internet services.

user demand is always increasing and put huge pressure on librarians. Therefore, it is imperative for the modernization of libraries in order to keep pace with modern times. The new challenges in the field of Biblioteconomy and documentation can be solved by adopting the process of digitalization and networking. In the present age librarians have to face many problems due to the limitations of time and space. User satisfaction is the main objective of a good library. You can not be accomplished without the adoption of the modern tools and techniques available borrowed by the modern technologies available in the field of information and telecommunications. These events have led to the creation of virtual libraries, which have major advantages over traditional libraries and Digital. Therefore, digital libraries are becoming popular due to the advantages and facilities offered to its users.