How to Create Your Own Elibrary For Students, and Educators

traditional libraries are strange places, students occupy much space, and purchase books shelves of filler that often today’s internet-savvy rarely home. Most people today have a large collection of MP3 on their computers, a fact of the music industry may not like it, but was adapted to selling MP3 versions of music sold on CD

if a student can create a collection of MP3, after the wide range of electronic books available on internet then we can freely create our own elibraries.

then, how can create an elibrary?

1. find an old computer or notebook, empty of all programs except Microsoft Office and an eBook Reader.

2. Start providing the web free download cheap ebooks, add to your library.

3. Join a library online and borrow a temporary section of the library of ebooks.

4. If a textbook is available in eBook format, the order above the traditional printed version. Download, it could be a useful addition to your library.

5. encourage students to download and add e-books to the library.

6. allow students to create their own electronic books with its own written or visual work. A student or a class ebook, could make a very useful addition to the library.

7. Add a Powerpoint section to the library, allowing students access to previous lessons and presentations.

8. Please contact with organizations such as the Government, the United Nations, embassies and other regional organizations for ebooks and powerpoints for your library.

imagine that you can be a valuable source of information in the classroom, a source that could be bigger than most of the public libraries of today – at a fraction of the cost.

(this article is part of education 21st century authors series)


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